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I really like Nike for their inspiration!

Wow, last week's been so busy. I'm sorry for being absent a whole week. I didn't even have time for checking out other blogs on bloglovin', yup, I've been totally dead in blogger land for a whole week. I'm still quite busy.. and I forgot my camera at my parents :( So I had to be very creative and come up with a post which didn't require any (self made) posters... Then I knew it... A post about being healthy, and how I try to be healthy :)

So I'm sorry this post isn't very creative (and original for all that matters...) but I think you'll still enjoy reading it.
A couple of weeks ago I went to the doctor because my back hurts. It hurts a lot, and actually it's been like that ever since I can remember, but I was always too lazy to do something about it. Well, being there, he told me I should go to physiotherapy, because my posture is bad. And, he told me: I should start excercising. This was sort of hard for me... I'm not very sportive. I don't like moving. But I knew too it'd be better for me... so I decided to try it out.

So I tried out different sports: I've been to pilates (liked it but not for every week...), gymnastics (liked this too but not sure yet if I want to continue going to the course) and running. I want to try out more because I want to do a sport once a week and run some other days. I run twice a week now, and up untill now I do actually like it. I also eat more healthy than I did just after I moved out... although it's not perfect yet, I'm just too lazy to cook everyday.

I have to say... I'd highly reccommend working out and being healthy to everyone. Why? Not just because it's good for you, but mainly because it makes you happy. I know it sounds so unbelievable, I never really believed it too, but it actually causes you to feel so much better about yourself and about life. I can tell, because I haven't always been the smiling girl most people see. And since a couple of weeks, since I've been living more healthy, I actually feel so much better!

Soooo... to finish this post, I want to share some tips with you:
001 | If you want to start running but you don't work out at all at the moment, you shouldn't suddenly run 5 kilometres without stopping. That's just bad and causes injuries. If you're Dutch or Belgian, I'd reccommend this training program: rennenmetevy.nl It's from the Belgian radio station EEN. It's basically half an hour of good music (which matches the rhythm of your work out!) and a Belgian girl telling you to run or walk. This actually helps you to build up being in shape. It made running for me so much more fun!
002 | Buy good shoes. I was very lucky, I wanted a pair of good shoes but didn't want to pay all too much for it (because I wasn't sure if I'd do it often). It was sale and I found a pair of nikes which I absolutely adore! This also gives a little motivation.
003 | Try keeping a record of your runs in apps like Nike+ Running. You can also add your friends and this way you'll motivate each other!
004 | Try buying more healthy snacks (fruit, nuts, even popcorn is better than crisps). This way you'll eat it sooner than grabbing a bowl of crisps, because you don't even have crisps!
005 | Eat breakfast. I never actually did it but since some time I eat cereal every morning. I like it a lot because it's not too heavy on the stomach and it's made very easily (which is actually why I never ate breakfast...) I also think cereal is one of the most healthy meals because it's very nutritious but still low calorie. I also love adding fruit to my cereal to start the day off super healthy. My favourite to add is banana :)

I hope you liked this post!

What do you do to stay healthy?

Love, Apollonia

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  1. Love cereal with banana! I always eat healthy. I love cottage cheese a lot! Sporters eat it a lot for their muscles. And i have an apple addiction haha! Love cinnamon with apple!


  2. Ik probeer ook gezonder te eten! zowieso elke ochtend ontbijten, meer fruit eten en veel water (probeer ik haha)


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