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Unfortunately I sort of lost my photographer. And my sister sighed 'Not again!' when I asked her to make photo's for me. My camera also doesn't support infra red remotes and it's super difficult to manually focus making a self portrait. But I did it! Many photo's were overexposed for some reason, but these are the best results...

dress - Jane Norman / cardigan - Kling / Shoes - H&M Divided

As you can see I have to practice a lot making pictures of myself... Or just find a new photographer. Yup, I guess that's the best idea.

This is one of my favourite dresses, but unfortunately I don't wear it as much as I used to. I guess that's because the fabric is a little warm when I bike to school. This cardigan was lying in a dark corner of my wardrobe and I decided to style it with this dress. I actually really like it! Not sure if I'm going to wear it more often but at least I know it's a nice cardigan. The shoes are my sister's actually, and I didn't tell her I borrowed them for these pics so... shhht! 

I've been so busy lately, I like it but my blog and reading other blogs has been difficult to find time for... When I do have time for myself I tend to watch Community or another show because it's so relaxing (and my free time is mainly for resting right now...). I don't know when this is going to change, unfortunately, but I'll try to keep maintaining my blog as much as possible!

Next week is carnaval, so I'll also post my Carnaval look for the occasion! Monday it's my Mom's birthday and we're going out for dinner :) Tuesday I'm going to try a rugby training. And I have to go to school and do my homework... So yes, next week'll be busy too... 

What do you do to relax?

Love, Apollonia

8 opmerkingen:

  1. Ah ja, lastig als je zonder fotograaf komt te zitten! Ik heb die momenten soms ook, zo irritant!! x

  2. Wat vervelend dat je zonder fotograaf zit! Ik vind je foto's wel heel mooi geworden! Je draagt een onwijs leuk jurkje :) xo

  3. Wat vervelend! Je foto's en outfit zijn super leuk!

  4. Altijd lastig zonder iemand die foto's maakt, maar de foto's zijn alsnog leuk geworden!

  5. De foto's zijn heel goed gelukt hoor! Leuk! Hopelijk vind je wel weer snel een fotograaf, is toch makkelijker:P Mooi jurkje ook!

  6. Mooie look! De foto's zijn heel leuk geworden, ondanks het feit dat je geen fotograaf had!

    ♥ Saskia

  7. Dat jurkje is super leuk & de foto's zijn idd goed gelukt!


  8. Community is such a great show :D although I'm a little behind... I got stuck at the start of season 4. Got a little discouraged by my boyfriend, he told me s04 is rubbish (but that s05 is amazing again!) :') and if we lived closer to each other I could be your photographer eheh!

    By the way, I picked you together with 10 others as my Liebster nominees! You might wanna check the article & maybe even answer the questions :)

    xoxo Rosanne


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