Personal | Photo-diary #1

For this post I decided to give you a little sneak peek into my life. I make many photos every day with my phone so I reckoned why not share them with you? I hope you'll find it interesting. The photo above is a photo I made of my cat. He often reminds me of Grumpy Cat and in this picture he looks like he's making a selfie... I thought it was hilarious!

In the beginning of February I got a double bed and to make it fit in my very small room I had to change most of my interior design. I really like the result and I'll be doing a Roomtour very soon! Or maybe not soon... but at least in the future :) 
 I went to the LIDL with my mom and I saw a box of cereal with pecan nuts. And yes, I'm a complete freak for pecan nuts. So I was in doubt whether I should buy it... I like cereal but I don't really like milk. But maybe in combination with the cereal I'd like it better? I thought, well if I don't like it I can always just eat it dry. But I tried it out and I actually liked it! Now I eat it everyday and I even like milk itself a little better :) Getting more healthy everyday by trying out new stuff, yup I'm very proud of myself :D

 I have to draw a lot for school. We had to experiment with light: what does it do to the atmosphere in a room or on a picture?

 My new running shoes! I love them so much :D I'll show them in more detail in my February haul next month :)

If you've been paying attention this picture won't be new to you. I really like my cereal with some banana! Best way to start a day. (Or well... second best way, eggs are better... But this is healthier!)

 I really love this song. It always reminds me of something that's happened in the past...

 For school I went to a mini zoo in town to film there. I also made a lot of selfies with the animals there! My favourite is this one, this monkey was CRAZY. I put up my hand saying High Five and he stretched his little arm out between the bars and tried to grab my hand. Of course I freaked, I don't think his intentions were any good. Well maybe I'm not too smart for putting up my hand in the first place... Oh and don't mind my weird face on this particular pic haha

 I asked a friend of mine if he wanted to hang out because it's been a while and he invited me for dinner. He really likes cooking so he made this meal for me. It was delicious and I was particularily proud of him for making something vegeterian while he's such a meat addict!

Last picture I'm showing you is of this beautiful butterfly. I was walking through the yard and I wanted to step on a leaf because I like crunching them, haha. But then the leaf opened and I stepped away just in time, it was this beautiful little fella over here! It's sincerely the most beautiful butterfly I've ever seen, I didn't even know you could find this in the Netherlands. In February for heaven's sake. Wish I could keep it :(

Well that's it for this month. It's not that much but if you liked this post, leave a comment saying so and I will try my best documenting more of my life in the future!

Do you like reading a photo diary?

Love, Apollonia

11 opmerkingen:

  1. prachtige en leuke foto's vooral de laatste is prachtig
    liefs x

  2. Haha ahw, die eerste foto van die kat!

  3. Nice blog dear!
    Check out the €100 Zalando Voucher giveaway on my blog!

  4. Ah wauw, je hardloopschoenen zijn leuk! En je kat is zó cute!! x

  5. Leuke foto's! Je kamer ziet er heel gezellig uit (dus yaay roomtour!)
    Die foto met die aap is ook geweldig, haha

    Liefs, Liese

  6. Leuke photodiary! Dat eten ziet er echt te mooi uit om op te eten

  7. Aah heerlijk zo'n kledingrek vol kleding! En wat een mooie foto van die vlinder :)


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