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Even though this is a fashion blog, I also like make up and beauty a lot. But... I'm just too broke for any expensive make up. Last week I went to the Action (a Dutch store with cheap products) and I bought two lipsticks and a blush. I will review them for you, because I think there are many poor students amongst my followers which might need some budget make up advice!
Please note that I am not a make up expert, this is merely my opinion!

Lipsticks - €0,89 for two
First of all the lipsticks. They come in duopacks and these two colours took my interest so I picked them up. They are called Paris Pink and Fabulous Orange. They both look very bright and I was very curious of how the Fabulous Orange would suit me.

Sorry for the crappy photo, I'm new to this. I hope you can still see how pigmented the lipsticks are. They're not super pigmented, but it's allright for the price you pay for it. And it's enough for a basic look. This was only one streak, but when I apply it to my lips, I'll go over it some more times.

This is the Fabulous Orange one. I was fairly surprised, it's less orang-y then I thought it'd be. And that's positive, because I don't like orange lips. Also, my lips felt soft and moisturized after I applied it. It gives a basic look and it's a bit shiny, perfect for every day looks. I'll be wearing this more often! It doesn't last super long, though (this goes for both lipsticks...), but if you just refresh it after a meal, you're good to go.
I'm not sure if I applied it badly, or the lipstick doesn't stick to the inside of my lips (which are moist)... but in real life it's not that obvious.

I loved this colour as well. It's very bright, so it won't match with everything. But the pigmentation is way better than I thought when I swatched it! I'm not sure yet if I like this colour on me though, but I'll experiment with it. 

Blush - €0,99
I also needed a blush (seriously, I don't own any blush, bronzer, or anything), so I thought I'd start trying it out with a cheap one. This colour is called Rosewood. I have to say, I love this product! It's super pigmented and the colour looks super subtle but girly on my cheeks.

As you can see, it gives my cheeks some definition and gives my face a subtle redness. I absolutely love it, I'll definitely wear this on a daily basis! 

+ Good pigmentation
+ Super low budget
+ Beautiful colours

- Package
- Not super long lasting

I'd definitely reccommend these products, especially when you're on a low budget! There are more colours (I already own a pair of lipsticks in a nude and subtle pink colour) so there's enough choice.

What is your favourite low budget make up product?

Love, Apollonia

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Hey meis! Bedankt voor je comments! Super leuke blog heb je! xxxx

  2. De blush is heel mooi! Ik durf nooit make-up bij de Action te kopen haha. Ik heb altijd zoiets van 'er moet wel iets mis mee zijn als het zo goedkoop is', maar dat slaat natuurlijk nergens op

    1. Het fijne er aan is dus dat het zo goedkoop is, dat het niet echt veel uitmaakt of het werkt of niet! Die een euro is niet zo heel veel weg gegooid geld. En ik dacht na het lezen van deze reactie, er is waarschijnlijk ook wel iets mee mis... Dus heb ik even gegoogled maar het blijkt zelfs dat deze producten dierproef vrij zijn! Yay voor Action :)

    2. Oh wow, dat is wel bijzonder inderdaad! Daar kunnen veel duurdere make-up merken nog van leren (: En ik wil je even bedanken voor je lieve berichtje op mijn blog, heel fijn om te horen dat ik niet de enige ben (dat wist ik natuurlijk wel maar toch) en ik zal je zeker mailen als ik erover wil praten! Liefs xx


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