Haul | February

Last month I did some shopping and I saved it all up so I could show it to you in a monthly haul :D I didn't buy a heck load of clothes, but nevertheless I'm content. There was a lot of end of winter sale so that was defenitely in my advantage.

In the beginning of February I went to the C&A and found this three sweaters in the sale. I needed some sweaters (I didn't know then that winter was almost over... but one can never have enough sweaters!) and these were only €5,- (the first and last one) and €9,-! You already saw the floral chiffon sweater in one of my looks :)

Hmmm... maybe I should make pictures of my purchases before I use them! Anyways, these shoes might also be familiar to you. These are my new running shoes from Nike, because I started to run! They were only €22,50 in the sale at Bristol! And they're defenitely no waste of money because I still run :)

I also bought a pair of running leggings at the Action. I'm not sure but I think they were around €6,-! They have a very useful little pounch on the inside for your iPod or phone.

This is an eBay purchase, a new watch! I didn't own a watch and I thought this one was cute. It was very cheap too (as most eBay products...) but it looks alright! This one was €2,65, including shipping costs! A bargain :)

I also wanted a onesie to chill out in. I wanted a pig because my boyfriend calls me so (an inside joke haha) so I went to Primark in january but couldn't find one there... Then I ordered one from ebay (with the cutest little hat!) for only €14,60! It's so cute and cosy, I hang out in it all the time now haha.

Last but not least this cute dress from Monki. I went to Utrecht for a high school class reunion but I went a little early with another friend, just because we had time left... I'm super broke but when I saw this baby for only €6,- in the sale I couldn't resist! I'm not very sure if I like the ruffled hem, it's defenitely new to me. But if I find myself being too pussy to wear it, I'll simply cut it off (I do have some sewing skills haha)

That's it for February! Some little purchases here and there. This month I'm going to Berling with school so expect a HUGE March haul! It's also my birthday this month so... yup, defenitely going to explode on shopping haha!

Love, Apollonia

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  1. Leuke aankoopjes, hihi die varkensonesie is zo gaaf!


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