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 I was scrolling on bloglovin' and I read this article by Laantje where she combines some grey trousers. I loved the outfit and it reminded me I have a similar pair in black... which I've worn once since my mom bought it for me 1,5 years ago... Why? Because it's rather difficult to combine them! They're not skinny fitting, which I think is the hardest part. I have the feeling I look fat wearing it with an oversized tee! But I really love it so I decided to look for some inspiration on Lookbook.nu

001 / by Rachel-Marie I. - This look is very vintage looking. It's more for the winter but I really like the idea of a white shirt and a tartan blazer. Combined with the trousers it's perfect :)
002 / by Anouska P. - A tight top is of course the perfect combination if you don't want to look fat in these trousers - like me. You can't see it here but the back of the top is low, which gives it a wonderful touch and makes it very sexy in the summer.
003 / by Jeniffer G. - This outfit is a little more classy but of course you can also wear it with some sneakers to make it more edgy. The crop top - WOW! Why didn't I ever think of this? I'm defenitely trying this out somewhere in the near future! Love it!
004 / by Cosette M. - Here it is, the oversized tee. I think she did well on this but I'm still afraid it might look a little unattractive on me. I do think though if you make sure your waist is pretty thight, it compliments a hourglass figure and then it's great! I will try it sometime again and maybe my fears will be proven wrong.

I'm on my way to Berlin now with school! I'm gonna have so much fun: shopping, partying and culture in five days! I'm going to the Babelsberg Studio's, the film studios where Inglourious Basterds and the Book Thief are filmed! It's a film freak's dream coming true...

Also, I noticed I have about 40 followers now.  Thank you! Tell your friends, because when I reach 50 followers I'm going to do a giveaway!

How would you combine a pair of black trousers?

Love, Apollonia

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