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Oooh how I love this weather! Friday I went to the forest with my sister to film something for a school project. The sun was shining bright so I asked her to make some pictures of my outfit. She is not the best photographer, but it's something. Yesterday was my birthday, and I threw a party which I really enjoyed! I actually wanted to show you what I wore to that party... But I forgot whilst doing preparations and I spilled some nasty drinks all over myself, so making some photos afterwards wasn't possible either... It's rather fortunate I made these pics in the woods with my sister!

shirt - vintage / pants - Primark / boots - Steve Madden (Madden Girl)

You can see that at most pictures my face is a bit blurry... Well, that's too bad. I really need to find a photographer for my outfit posts! But I hope you don't mind for now...

Love, Apollonia

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