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Right now I'm in Berlin, so I decided to write a not too difficult post for you, since I didn't have a lot of time writing it in advance. The end of March is getting closer, so it's time for another photo diary! This month I celebrated my birthday, had assessments and my cat died... Read on to know everything!

I went to a friend from school who just moved into Breda! We watched a movie but I also saw he has the game Stef de Stuntpiloot (Looping Louie for the English readers) and I'd never played it before... Shame on me, I'm not a real student! So we decided to play it with some beers and I really enjoyed it. Now I can finally say I'm a legit student, playing stupid drinking games, haha!

I had this palette in the mail! So happy with it, still enjoy it everyday. Read a review here

I went to Utrecht for a high school reunion. I went early because I had nothing to do and met up with a friend from my old class I still regularly see. We were both hungry so we went to the Febo. There I ate a delicious kaassouffé on a bread roll. Again for the English readers: a kaas soufflé is a snack with melted cheese inside, yum!

I celebrated carnaval in Den Bosch this year and I went as Mia Wallace from my favourite film Pulp Fiction. I did my make up early in the day because I was bored and made a selfie! I used my Naked 2 dupe :) 

I went to the forest to film for a school project for school. It was about a man/woman (no gender decided) who lost his or her child. Even though he knows his child is dead, he still looks every day in the woods. If you want to watch it, go to my portfolio.

I came home to find this little fella waiting in front of my doorstep... dead... It was a present from my cat Jesus! The first since he moved in with us, three months ago. It might not seem as a big deal, but in the beginning he was very distant to us (probably because he lived 13 years in a loving family and suddenly moved to a new home) and our relationship was growing a little the past few weeks. So this present was a pleasant surprise :) It was also the first time I saw a mole for real, haha!

Assessment week... yay! I had a lot to do so I made a planning. As you can see my week was very busy... But I also celebrated my birthday with a party so that was a nice break :)

Hmm, the sun was shining and I spotted Jesus chilling on the table outside. Unfortunately I didn't capture it that good, but he looked very funny, lying as if he was sort of sun bathing!
I went to my sister to pick up some stuff and while she was doing her make up I chilled in her window pane! She lives in the centre of town and she has a nice view over the street. The weather was great so I didn't mind at all sitting there!

 On the night of my birthday party I posted this on the event page on facebook. Jesus partying hard! Haha, he's so cute.

 This is not the most charming photo but has some great value for me... It's the last photo I took with Jesus. Last Friday he suddenly died. We are not sure of what, but he was very old so it probably has something to do with that. I heard him crying in front of my door so when I took a look I saw him lying. He was panting, drooling and he couldn't do anything else than just lie... So we put him in his bed with some water next to it, thinking he just didn't feel well. Half an hour later I checked on him and saw him lying in a weird position. He wasn't breathing anymore... Even though he's only lived three months with us, I will really miss him. It might sound weird as it's a cat, but I've had some rough weeks and it seemed like he felt that. He was there for me everytime, nuzzling up to me everytime I felt down. I'll probably have a lot more pets in the future, but Jesus will always be in my heart!

Of course during assessment week my laptop decided to get incredibly slow. Rendering films isn't very practical then... Uuuugh! This is a sneek peak of the film I talked about earlier, by the way :)

My 2D assessment, or at least a part of it. We did some model drawing, and I really enjoyed it!

 I decided to try something new and combined broccoli, cauliflower and cheese sauce with pasta! I don't think it's really new, but it was for me. Fortunately I enjoyed it a lot, making this soon again for sure!

I went to the hair dresser and made this selfie, expecting it'd be the last one with long hair. I wanted to donate my hair. But when I was seated the hair dresser told me my ombre ends were too dead and my hair wasn't long enough if we cut that off... It was an anti climax for sure, I was so nervous and then it turned out I couldn't do it! I want some change in my hair though so I think I'm still going to cut it short, without donating it... To be continued!

I went to the thrift shop with my roomies! I went on my bike and they went by longboard. It was a nice trip, we had some real fun there :)

My roomie has his own beer brewery (in our house, I can tell you: brewing beer stinks!). His phone is broken so he asked me to take some pictures for on his facebook page. In his room is a big barrell full of beer and through a tiny hole I made this picture. Eeew! His beer tastes really good though, like his facebook page here!

My mom and I went through an old photo album of hers. Wow, check out my grandmother's old haircut. Super retro! It reminded me of Marge Simpsons, haha!

Last but not least: I took this selfie while eating some delicious ice cream. Banana and vanilla, very boring but oh so tasty! Never mind my face though, haha.

That was my end of February and three quarters of March. Hope you enjoyed reading it! By the way, I'm in doubt, you should give your opinion! I'm not sure if I should blog in English or Dutch. I've got no preferance, but I'm not sure if any of you are annoyed by reading in English? I know most of my followers are Dutch, so what do you think? Tell me in the comments!
Oh and yes, my cat's name really was Jesus. It's a stupid students joke and I hope I didn't offend any of my readers with it! I'm not religious, but you can believe anything you want ;) His previous owners called him Pluisje, so you can do too if you prefer to.

Should I blog in English or Dutch?

Love, Apollonia

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  1. Ooo, gecondoleerd met je kat! Bah, ik ben er helemaal verdrietig van geworden.. Veel sterkte!

  2. Awh gecondoleerd! Voor de rest ziet je week er wel leuk uit!


  3. Gecondoleerd! Wat naar, zeg :( Ik zou er ook kapot van zijn..
    Verder ben ik heel jaloers op je Naked2 palette! Ik wou 'm ook kopen toen ik in Barcelona was afgelopen weekend, maar helaas hadden ze alleen nog Naked3. Die vind ik minder leuk, iets te lief voor mij ;)



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  4. Awww, gecondoleerd! Je kat was echt een schatje zo van de foto's te zien! En ik snap dat het vreselijk voelt hoor! Is helemaal niet raar omdat het een kat is! Ik had een kat voor 18 jaar lang en toen overleed ze. Voelde gewoon alsof een lid van ons gezin overleden was. Dus sterkte! Verder wel echt toffe carnavalsoutfit! Die pruik staat je echt goed!

    XX Sonja


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