Review | Urban Decay Naked 2 Dupe

I always want to have the expensive make up many beauty bloggers have, it looks so beautiful! Unfortunately, I'm a broke student so I have to do it with budget brands. Sometimes I like to treat myself by buying ebay dupes which are cheap but have the colours I like. Like this time, I bought this Urban Decay Naked 2 dupe palette on Buyincoins for... about €4,-. Of course it's not the same as buying the real deal, but I like to live in that fantasy for now. I don't have the real palette to compare, but I'll give you my (amateuristic) opinion on this piece of make up!

When I opened it I was surprised and happy. The package looked beautiful, the colours looked good and in good condition, and it looked very professional and... real. I really love the tin packaging! It looks very professional.

The colours look very beautiful. Most are shimmery but Foxy and Tease are matte. These are great colours to make natural looks to begin with, and the shimmery colours are great for an extra effect! I also love how the colours are mostly rather natural but vary from very basic to a little more spicy. 

The pigmentation is fine for the price you pay for it, if you ask me. Of course it could have been better, but it could've been worse too! Tease is a little dissapointing though... But I do love Chopper and Halfbaked!

Unfortunately the last 6 colours are dissapointing. At least, the shimmer and dark colours made me expect more. But if you compare it to the first colours, it's not better or worse. Blackout is very dark, I love! 

The pigmentation overall isn't great, but it's fine for daily casual looks. Also, I used them with an eye shadow base, and that really boosts the colour! The brush that came with it isn't the best too. It has two ends, a fluffy round one and a flat one. The fluffy one is great for blending though and I use it a lot too. The flat end doesn't take in a lot of product so it's not very useful... But I've used this palette often since I got it and I still love it!

+ The price
+ The everyday colours
+ The packaging

- The pigmentation

So overall I'm very happy with this purchase! Of course I'd rather have the real one, but for those shabby girls like me out there I'd defenitely reccommend it!

Love, Apollonia

7 opmerkingen:

  1. Ik lees altijd zo veel positieve dingen over de naked pallet. Mooie foto's en duidelijke review. Misschien is het leuk om een keer te gaan terrassen als het mooi weer is?


  2. Ik zie dit spul regelmatig voorbij komen op verschillende blogs. Misschien toch maar eens proberen.


  3. Ziet er goed uit, voor die 4 euro al helemaal!

  4. Wauw, wat een mooi palette ziet er heel goed uit zeg :)

  5. Voor zo'n palette lekker goedkoop! Goeie :)

  6. ziet er best goed uit! ik heb ook het dupe palette van naked gekocht 2 en 3 ik ben benieuwd! liefs
    www.rachelkromdijk.nl en een goed weekend! x

  7. Ik heb hem ook (maar dan van ebay) je kan natuurlijk niet zoveel verwachten van de pigmentatie maar ik vond het toch wel een tegenvaller hoor, haha! Hij korrelt ook erg en blend niet mooi.. en blackout was bij mij gebroken dus ook echt alles zat eronder bahh :p


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