Haul | March

Headband, bow, tail SoLow - €5,- / Earclips Claire's - €3,95
It's time for another haul! In March I didn't buy that much... I did go to Berlin but to be honest I didn't shop that much there... I also purchased a costume for an upcoming party and I did some shopping in town. Read more if you're curious!

I purchased this via marktplaats, a secondhand online shop. I was looking for something for summer, and I think this is perfect! Love the colours! Also the fabric is very light and thin. I guess this one's going to be aroung my legs a lot this summer!

Unknown - €14,-

This dress I bought in Berlin. Isn't it cute? It was in a small store and I don't know what brand it is. I think you can wear this casually and for dinner, depends on how you combine it. Wouldn't wear it to a night out though.
MAC - €22,50
You can all be proud of me... My first MAC purchase! When I saw a MAC store in Berlin I dragged my friends to it and while they messed around, I was in paradise! I couldn't leave without something obviously, so I decided to go for something I wear a lot. Brown eyeshadow :) It's Ground Brown (if I recall it correctly). I'm seriously so stupid though... I broke it already! Fortunately that doesn't change the quality :) I'm so happy with it! I've used it nearly every day since I bought it.

Urban Outfitters - €9,-
I cut my hair in Berlin. Like, I really cut it. It came to the middle of my back and now it comes to just above my shoulders. You'll see it in my next post though. When I saw this beanie I though it'd look cool with my new hair cut, and of course I loved the colour!

Forever 21 - €9,95
There were two things I was looking for lately: a mint piece of clothing (or another pastel, but I love mint!) and a tight crop top. When I saw this beauty, with a normal front and a low lacy back, I was in love. I'm gonna wear it a lot probably this summer!

H&M - €7,00
When I was back in the Netherlands I felt like I needed some more, haha. So I went to H&M, mid seasons sale already happening, and there I found this beauty! I think it'll look too cute with my new crop top!

H&M - €7,-
Yes... I'm a Star Wars fan! So when I saw this at H&M for only €7,- now, I knew I couldn't leave without it. It's oversized and I already made up a lot of combinations with it!

 So, this were my purchases in March. I think I did a fine job, not too much but also not too less, haha! 

Looking at my first picture, what do you think the theme of the party I'm going to is?

Love Apollonia

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Ik wil ook supergraag een wit rokje, heb een hele mooie bij de Bershka gezien maar deze is ook mooi! En ben heel benieuwd naar je haar (:

  2. Wauw ik vind je crop top en het rokje erg cute!

  3. Ooooh it's all so pretty! I totally adore MAC although I don't own anything other than 2 shades of their matte lipsticks. Also, I wanna see your haircut!

    xoxo Rosanne

    1. ghehe you'll see! and i love mac too, even before this very first mac purchase!


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